Mass Surveillance: How do they do it?

Date: Thursday, March 8, 2018
Time: 02:30 - 04:30 PM
Room: Flyover Back
Skill Level: Beginner
Language: English
Duration: 2 hour(s)
Format: Internet Freedom: Present and Future
Presenter: Anne Roth
Other Presenters:
Between 2014 and 2017 the German parliament investigated how the Snowden revelations played out in Germany: How is mass surveillance by the Five Eyes happening in Germany? Other topics included details of signals intelligence as part of the co-operation, Germany‘s role in the drone war or the spying on the phone of the head of state, Angela Merkel Germany is participating in the system of mass surveillance as Snowden described it: NSA and GCHQ offer interception technology and in return get the data. This is happening in Germany, a country that is so praised for its alleged sensitivity when it comes to data protection. Among the targets were governments, UN and EU institutions, journalists and NGOs. There will first be a short presentation of the content and the findings of the investigation and we will then talk about what we know about the effects of the Snowden revelations across different countries.
Target Audience:
This session is for anyone who * wants to learn about the effects of the Snowden revelations / * wants to learn how the NSA co-operates with other secret services when intercepting communication / * is an activist or researcher on topics such as signals intelligence, mass surveillance, parliamentary oversight.
Desired Outcome:
A knowledge exchange about mass surveillance in different countries, about how governments argue in favor of mass surveillance and ideally first steps towards collaborating on this in the future.