IFF localization sprint

Date: Thursday, March 8, 2018
Time: 02:30 - 05:30 PM
Room: Flyover Front
Skill Level: Beginner
Language: English
Duration: 3 hour(s)
Format: Making Better Tech
Presenter: Dragana
Other Presenters: Dragana Kaurin, Erin McConnell
Localization Lab will again host a half day (4 hour) localization sprint for anyone who wants to make internet freedom tools available for their community, in their language. This is a chance for you to find tools that meet the needs of your community, and make it available for use through localization. This isn't just alumni, individuals new to localization would be welcomed to work collaboratively on internet freedom tools, with the support of select developers. We start the IFF Localization Sprint with an hour-long Speed Dating round, for language groups to meet with developers in rotating, short demo sessions, that will showcase the diverse selection of Internet Freedom tools supported this year. In the past we have organized groups by regional or language group so that they can focus questions and discussion on the regional application and relevance of the tools. This will be a space for individuals to kick start and potentially finish translation of projects in the company of their peers and with the support of Localization Lab staff and developers to answer questions and help them plan continued localization efforts. Sprints like this are not only an efficient way to localize tools, but a great way to build regional and linguistic networks within the Internet Freedom space. The event will appeal to a large audience at IFF who are interested in learning about available digital security and circumvention tools. It will also seamlessly lead into the localization sprint, giving participants a better sense of the tools they would like to focus on in the sprint, providing necessary context for the translation and helping to build more personal relationships between translators and developers.
Target Audience:
Everyone. This session is literally to make internet freedom technology available to everyone, and not just English-speakers.
Desired Outcome:
Last year's IFF localization sprint was our most successful--and what made it so great was the number of people who walked in throughout the sprint to learn and partake in this work, who wouldn't have normally done so, the new projects and volunteers we got, and the amount of localization we got done in a half day sprint. We hope to do more of this as last year, to build communities around technology, especially language groups from countries with restrictive internet governance. The most clear, measurable outcome would of course be the amount of localization that gets done, which we report back to IFF, along with a short report on the event.