Tackling online harassment

Date: Thursday, March 8, 2018
Time: 09:45 - 12:00 PM
Room: La Factoria
Skill Level: Beginner
Language: English
Duration: 2 hour(s)
Format: Journalism, Media and Communications
Presenter: Kerry Paterson
Other Presenters: Nadine Hoffman, and Michelle Ferrier (IWMF and Troll-Busters.com)
The Committee to Protect Journalists, the International Women’s Media Foundation and Troll-Busters.com highly recommend the inclusion of a two-hour interactive discussion intended to spur a solutions-oriented approach to addressing the persistent issue of online harassment of women in the media. This would serve as a follow up to the panel that IWMF and CPJ co-sponsored in 2017 which sought to highlight the scope of the issue of online harassment against women journalists. Digital harassment is often seen as less significant than physical abuse, but in fact online harassment can often intersect with physical harassment or intimidation of women, and can have an extreme impact on the personal and professional lives of women journalists, and the decisions they make about what and how they report. While many strides have been made in recognizing the scope of the issue, there is still a dearth of information, research, solutions, best practices when it comes to addressing online harassment of women journalists. There remains a vital need for a more comprehensive response, including guidelines, laws, monitoring, and tools to address the problem. We propose a solutions-oriented discussion with contributors from an array of geographic regions and areas of expertise, who can delve into how we can effectively combat digital threats moving forward. We intend to build upon the advances that have been made in this space, while furthering the conversation around a number of salient issues that emerged during last year’s session including how to expand the research, better understanding and addressing state/non-state attacks/harassment, and the development of both individual and institutional response mechanisms and support networks. Our goal is to emerge from this session with some tangible takeaways, and a framework for thinking about best practices.
Target Audience:
Journalists Technologists Civil society groups Safety specialists People who work with at risk communities
Desired Outcome:
To strengthen the network of groups working on this issue To see the outcomes of this feed directly into the solutions documenting and research efforts, including by CPJ who intends to engage on this issue throughout 2018 and ultimately publish recommendations and information gathered on solutions. To ensure that those working in or with social media groups understand the nature and scope of the threats and the kinds of responses that are needed - To insure that the recommendations and experiences of a variety of people are reflected in the ongoing advocacy efforts of groups like CPJ, IWMF and TrollBusters with groups like GNI, the Facebook safety initiative, or bodies of the UN.