How we imagine consent in a data society?

Date: Wednesday, March 7, 2018
Time: 09:45 - 10:45 AM
Room: Flyover Front
Skill Level: Intermediate
Language: English
Duration: 1 hour(s)
Format: Internet Freedom: Present and Future
Presenter: Paz Peña
Other Presenters: Francisco Vera, Acoso Online Joana Varon, Coding Rights
An hour-length conversation on how we imagine consent in a data society. As societies that depend increasingly upon internet, we rely greatly on terms of services (ToS). We trust that our informed consent regarding ToS will make a difference when we need to choose among services: those who protect better our rights and are suitable for our needs will be chosen, freely. From a gender perspective, consent is a core element to avoid gender violence. For example, informed consent will make a fundamental difference regarding women being able to experience sexual freedom on the internet, or being a victim of gender violence through the publication of non-consensual pornography on the internet. Nonetheless all this fundamental trust on consent, nowadays we are experiencing a crisis on what it means and how it works. Every day we can see how this concept is undermined. For example, every time we accept Terms of Services that we don't read or even understand, or when users don't really have any power to negotiate those legal conditions, or even now with new technologies as facial recognition and internet of things, where consent is dubious. Things get more interesting when consent is a core part to avoid abuses and violence on the internet and outside of it. As activists and researchers, it's time to think how we can envision a meaningful consent in data society. We strongly believe that social practices, different approaches on policies, and creative technologies can work together to imagine an internet more fair and free, where informed consent can be more than just an empty concept. This session will be the start of a conversation that the presenters hope to continue in their own research and activism, but also, we hope it could be present in the different participants' activities.
Target Audience:
If you are a feminist or work with gender perspective on internet issues, in this session you will find a way to reflect on how gender violence on internet could be crossed by the erode of consent in our every-day online services. If you work on policy regarding data, data protection and/or privacy, in this session we will discuss how we can enforce consent in a more meaningful way that what is happening today. If you work designing technologies or any other solutions, we will happy to hear your perspective on how a meaningful consent could work in your services, even experimenting crazy ideas around technical solutions.
Desired Outcome:
List of what are the problems the community perceive regarding how consent is conceived today on the internet. List of what are the future problems that the present idea of consent will have with increasing data societies. What would be a meaningful consent for the internet we want. We want to have social, political and technical perspectives.