Online harassment: smear campaigns against Honduran journalists and human rights defenders on facebook

Date: Monday, March 5, 2018
Time: 05:00 - 06:00 PM
Room: Attic
Skill Level: Beginner
Language: Español
Duration: 1 hour(s)
Format: Journalism, Media and Communications
Presenter: Celeste Espinoza
Other Presenters: Miriam Grizel Elvir Mejía
At the beginning participants will be asked to review under their chairs, all will have threatening messages (taken from real examples) addressed to them, participants will be invited to express how they feel and would do in that case. After this activity will begin explaining about the context of Honduras, where it is found and that have resulted in generating a hostile environment for freedom of expression, journalism and the defense of human rights. Then they will be presented one by one the cases of harassment that have been registered by the organization in the last year, describing the different forms of attacks that have suffered the victims and the consequences in their lives and at the professional level. Finally, participants will be invited to comment and make suggestions through cards on how to deal with online harassment by being a journalist or human rights defender.
Target Audience:
journalists, social communicators, human rights defenders, freedom of expression activists, social movements, media workers, security managers for organizations.
Desired Outcome:
Raise awareness about the situation of freedom of expression in Honduras. Look for tools and collaborators to deal with harassment in social networks.